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Central Coast Coin Exxchange

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Selling your coins, currency, old jewelry or precious metals is easy and safe at Central Coast Coin Exxchange.


Come into our store

We are located at 11555 Los Osos Valley Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

  • We will evaluate each of your coins or sets, currency, entire collections, or precious metals based on their condition, rarity, and current market buy prices.

  • We offer a fair current market price to buy, and you can walk out that day with a check in hand!

  • For small transactions we will pay in cash.

Let us help you

  • No inventory sheets or itemized lists are needed! We will organize your collection of coins no matter how big or small.

  • We can walk you through each of the different types and explain why certain coins are priced differently than others.

  • We offer a fair and competitive market price for your collection and are willing to work for your business.

Get paid on the spot


If agreed, you receive a check on the spot for your items. It is easy to deposit at your own bank or to cash out at ours without a fee. We can also pay cash for smaller collections.


We make it safe and easy


We want an easy and positive experience for our customers who are selling. Ask us any questions about coins and I will answer them or find the answer for you. I believe in our mission to serve our clients and will offer our best knowledge and advice.


Make an appointment: (805) 440-4040


Appointments are not required-but helpful for me to meet with you and evaluate your holdings in a private one on one setting at a convenient time. It is always best to see the item in person for us to authenticate and evaluate. 

Or send an email


If you are looking for general advice or just have one or two coins, send us an email at:, with pictures of your items if possible. We can help estimate the value of the coins before you make your way to us. For inquires over the phone, please be advised that prices are not always given or guaranteed until the item is seen in person.


Care for your coins


Do not clean them! Improper cleaning will lower the value of a coin. Even something simple like wiping it or washing it with water is undesirable. Coins are valued highest in their original unaltered condition.

  • Coins over time, including the ones that naturally tone into different colors or patinas are highly sought after by serious collectors.

  • Keep them in a cool and dry place. Until their sale, storage is important to avoid damaging them by heat or moisture.


Written appraisals


If you are not selling your holdings at this time but need a written appraisal, we will gladly provide you with one. The fee will be based on the size, complexity and time required for evaluation. All items will need to be left off and picked up upon completion of the appraisal. We can also help with equal distribution of estate holdings to heirs.

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